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Into The Woods

Sample and Hold ( and Aviv Yaron Ltd. have collaborated on ‘Into The Woods’ to further refine the procedure of scanning and texture shooting for Digital Doubles. We have reduced the time we spent with the principle actors/actresses to 15min-20min, whilst improving the coherency of the shoot and scan data. This, hopefully, will also support… Read more »


…L’Assenza, a short film backed by the BFI, written/directed by Jonathan Romney, produced by First Born Films in association with Lighthouse…’ The 1961 L’Assenza trailer The modern trailer Technical Supervision — Aviv Yaron Stills Photography — Fiona Yaron-Field 

First Look At Russian Zombie; Plus VFX Breakdown With Digital Zombies

…Cinesite’s environment team decided that to give the “realest” look they would base the CG as much as possible on photographed reality. Cinesite VFX supervisor Matt Johnson and VFX photographer Aviv Yaron took extensive reference photographs of buildings in and around Philadelphia which were digitally projected onto geometry. The buildings were then placed in layouts… VFX Breakdown With Digital Zombies”>Read more »

WORLD WAR Z: Between Two Worlds

 ‘…The story begins in Philadelphia, but the only photography actually captured there was undertaken by Matt and visual effects photographer Aviv Yaron during a comprehensive photo shoot…’