Gramercy Park Studios Takes Flight through the Louvre Museum

…Because we were going to build the ceiling of the second room entirely in CGI, Aviv Yaron joined us and conducted a special photoshoot of the ceiling with panoramic equipment, including a panoramic head. Yaron is one of the most experienced VFX/CGI photographers I’ve ever met and works with his own gear…The images here show all of the calibrated cameras and the resulting 3D mesh, and a textured version. It’s not the final version, but it gives a clear idea of the quality we were able to get from the excellent photos that Aviv had taken.…”

Gramercy Park Studios Takes Flight through the Louvre Museum


OMD Innovation Week

…One of the highlights on day four of [OMD] Innovation Week…was delving behind the scenes into how Microsoft brought the multi award-winning Channel 4 Humans campaign to life… along with Sam and Aviv – the cutting edge specialists in their fields of visual effects, photography and CGI…’


Dulux ‘Colourless future’

Dulux’s latest film’Colourless future’ is set 30 years in the future when our world has forgotten colour.
Aviv Yaron Ltd. provided the VFX photography for the environment work on this project (and some set props).

Advertising Agency: BBH
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe
VFX/Post Production: Glassworks
Environment DMP: Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg (Somnio Studios Ltd.)