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Aviv Yaron Ltd. was formed in May 2013, following nearly 19 years of Aviv wearing different hats at the forefront of the visual effects (VFX) industry. As of April 2020, Aviv Yaron is a self-employed VFX and Contemporary photographer, consultant and tutor.

Most photo-realistic CGI and look-development assets, are based on aspects of the physical world –  relying on photography to provide the essential building blocks for any final Computer Generated (CG) product. Aviv’s image data supports the different CGI disciplines – enhancing the creative processes as a whole.

Aviv Yaron provides visual effects (VFX) photography, and consultancy services for a diversed span of industries – backing a wide range of applications. Aviv also offers consultancy services, and tuition – VFX and Contemporary Photography, alike.


Since 1994,  Aviv Yaron has worn different hats, experienced a great variety of challenges and had the pleasure of sharing these with some remarkably talented people — both at Cinesite London, Kodak, and across the visual effects industry.
Starting as a night-time Data operator, he then moved to become a Compositor.

Few years later Aviv have conceived the idea for Cinesite’s knowledge-base Intranet and was given the mandate to managed its implementation. During the years of Cinesite as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kodak, Aviv worked closely with different technical teams within Kodak (Cineon, scanning and recording, colour management, testing new film stocks —SFX200/5218/5217, DI, etc.).

Within Cinesite, he took the role of bridging between the artists and the R&D efforts — mainly, in the realms of 2D image content and Image-Based technologies. This included participating in internal development projects to further differentiate Cinesite services — both technically and creatively (Super2K, colour management, DI , Image Based Lighting, device characterisation, Skin Shader, performance capture, photo-mesh, etc.). Aviv was part of the leading team incorporating new 2D and/or Image Based software applications into Cinesite’s pipeline. He also managed the training infrastructure required to address the learning curve amongst the users (Cineon, Shake, Nuke, Lightroom, PTGui, Scratch, SpeedGradeDI, etc.).

Although, not directly financially accountable, Aviv has represented Cinesite in negotiating business deals which typically lead to a long-term relationship with the vendors, or service providers.

On behalf of Cinesite Aviv project-managed the collaborative development efforts of 3rd party products and worked closely with vendors of new technologies  — introducing alternative, or new, technical/creative solutions into the post-production workflow (Boujou, Realviz Stitcher, ReTimer, Match Mover and Image Modeller, Grain Surgery, Iridas products, Imagineer products, Assimilate Scratch, Academia research projects, etc.). He also took active part in look development, provided On-Set technical support and project managed the set up of a satellite Cinesite unit in LA – supporting remotely synchronised client sessions.

Aviv Yaron ended his career at Cinesite as the Head of VFX Photography — setting up an in-house VFX photographic studio, working in-house and on film sets and locations around the world. In that capacity, he also worked out some bespoke solutions for different on-set VFX applications and supervised their construction.

Having been a director of Aviv Yaron Ltd. for nearly 7 years, Aviv is now operating as a self-employed VFX , and Contemporary, Photographer. Additionally, Aviv offers consultancy services, and tuition.

Aviv Yaron presented  ‘Compositing CGI ’ at SIGGRAPH (Orlando, 1998) and ‘VFX Photography’ at CVMP (London, 2012).

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