Equipment For Sale

  • Lights

2x Dexel fluorescent lighting Power Bank 400 + External Power Pack (Dimming, DMX512 and 5x On/Off switches control unit) + cables + 20x 5600K (Daylight) fluorescent tubes  + 20x 3200K (Tungsten) fluorescent tubes — £900

  • Flash Lights

Lumedyne (battery as well as AC driven) — a light‐weight, portable, complete flash system (lots of accessories) — £950 (inclusive of VAT)

List of accessories:

2x Lumedyne Gel holders #AGFK
2x Lumedyne Softbox Adapter (#ASBA/#094P)
2x Lumedyne 800W/sec UV Coiled Core Modelling heads #004U 121597
2x Lumedyne flash head coiled sync cords
2x Lumedyne flash head extension cord
2x Lumedyne #036M 10′ extension cord with flash head control
2x Lumedyne snoots
1x Lumedyne #072cont/boost module 116571CB
1x Lumedyne #E67Z 400 W/sec Ultra Power Pack 118625EZ
1x Lumedyne Global Ultra Charger 100 #E18W 118606VO
1x Lumedyne Super Battery C1 #026C 118170SD
1x Lumedyne Large Battery #BLRG 168838LD
3x Lumedyne #ADC1 (ex #082) Clear Diffuser Cover / UV filter (cap)
2x Lumedyne #AHUA Head and Umbrella adapter to light stand (as Manfrotto LITE TITE SWIVEL MN026)
1x Lumedyne 19″ Octagonal soft box #ADOB
1x Lumedyne 20 degree Honeycomb
1x Lumedyne 40 degree Honeycomb
1x Lumedyne #APPH Power Pack Hanger and Clamp
1x Lumedyne AC power supply and hyper charger #XACK + power cable

  • Stands & Grips
    4x Manfrotto Avenger C‐stands (2 extensions; A02001)- £225 (£62 each if separately)
    4x Manfrotto Avenger D200 (D01017)Grip Head — £105 (£29 each if bought separately)
    4x Avenger D520 Extension 40” Steel Arm — £180 (or, £49 per each if bought separately)

1x 126U Manfrotto Heavy Duty Stand — £115

    • Stills Film Camera and Lenses — sold as two lots (£1,814.60 each)
      2x Nikon FM3A (bodies) — £575.00 (each; inclusive of VAT)

2x Nikkor D 24mm AF f2.8 — £288 (each)

2x Nikkor D 28mm AF f2.8 — £175 (each)

2x Nikkor D 35mm AF f2.0 — £200 (each)

2x Nikkor D 50mm AF f1.8 — £120 (each)

2x Nikkor D 85mm AF f1.8 — £250 (each)

  • Colour Chart
    Macbeth Colour Checker DC (an enhanced colour chart for digital camera profiling)  — £187
  • Flight Cases
    Pelican 340 cube case + foam set — £150


Please note: most prices do not include VAT @20%.