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A call for equality and justice

The Israeli identity is attached to my name — even in professional context and commercial circumstances. Therefore, I cannot remain ‘politically silent’. Inspired by the Palestinian and Jewish activists in Israel-Palestine who have come together to protest the occupation and violence and call for equality and justice, I’m attending a Na’amod rally on Wednesday (19th… Read more »

Season’s Greetings

…If the experience of the financial and COVID crises teaches us anything — it is humility. We cannot anticipate every risk or plan for every contingency, but we can, and must, plan for failure. That means creating an anti-fragile system. A system that can withstand both the risks we see and those we do not…’ Mark… Read more »

Equipment For Sale

I finally got a chance to go through the vast amount of equipment I have accumulated throughout the years and decided to offer some of it for sale. Please click here to see more details.